The first Sunday of each month is what we call at KVine, Benevolence Sunday.

We come prepared to give a bit extra into the mix of our resources as we lean into compassion and generosity. This past Sunday's Benevolence was with Mark Gordon and the various and sundry ways he is engaged in our city in giving care into marriages as well as providing coaching in a variety of ways for those who cannot afford the more expensive avenues of this type of care needed in our city. One emerging area of need is in assisting people who have come out of the war in Ukraine and are in need to trauma counselling. This is being offered pro bono and so any financial assistance we can give into these programs would be awesome. You can reach out to to enquire about how you can support Mark.

Mark has been involved in community leadership, family coaching and keynote speaking for more than 30 years. His passion for people is evident to anyone who experience his speaking, writing, workshops or coaching. He has a strong desire to empower people, families and organizations to become relationally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Currently Mark is involved in the following local initiatives. Board Member – Alder Foundation, Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Center, On K.E.M.A (Kelowna Evangelical Ministerial Association) Facilitator at Building Healthy Families

Check out Mark's website: