David and Anita take us on a reading adventure and read through the entire Book of James. It is very a very cool experience hearing this epistle read without chapters and verses, much as it would have been delivered in its original cultural setting. The first section of the talk gives us a bit of a backdrop on who James was and how his journey shaped the letter that he wrote. Anita also felt she had a prophetic picture which really resonated with the gathered community and helps us posture ourselves to reactive what the Holy Spirit has for us from learning from this Book together. We called this first session in our series, "Meet James." The introductory material runs from 00:00 to 11:40 and the reading of the text goes from 11:41 to 31:40. We have added some great B-Roll, music and the KeyNote to enhance the video. We will make the reading of the book by David and Anita available as a stand alone recording next week.