We've been using the stunning imagery created by Scott Erikson to work through "the Stations of the Cross" as we continue to journey together in reflection, liturgy and worship over the couple of weeks until Easter. Take some time to reflect on them, do a search on "The Stations", go to scottericksonart.com and at the very least, dig into the Gospel Narrative itself to get the back story on Christ's journey to the Cross and the Resurrection. This week we will be looking at Station Ten and Eleven.

This will be an interesting lean today. We are celebrating Palm Sunday as well as looking at the final couple of Stations on this penultimate Sunday coming in to the final Station - Easter. We'll be getting our vantage point on Station Ten and Eleven from what Jesus was experiencing looking down on Jerusalem as we was about to enter the city for the last time while on earth on what we call Palm Sunday. He weeps. Yes, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem as the Cross is not imminent and He knows His death and burial is at hand. Let's join together as we explore and continue our journey together.