You know what happened immediately after resurrection Sunday? One of the followers doubted it all. ⁣

Which if we’re honest, don’t we all feel that way today? One day removed from all the easter hub bub and we still find ourselves in pretty much the same place we did last week. “Did it really happen?” is a good question. “Is it happening now?” is a better one.⁣

Thomas wasn’t the only one that doubted, but he got his doubts canonized. So I present to you the icon of the Sacred Doubting Finger…. because all our doubting fingers are sacred.⁣

Our sacred doubting fingers help us enter into the paradox of life. They help us touch the death of what we’ve known and the birth of something new. ⁣

Curt Thompson MD, in his book The Soul of Shame explains that in our brains we experience doubt as a sensation of a relational disconnection. It’s not necessarily a “these facts don’t make sense” issue… it has more to do with a feeling of relational distrust. Doubt is that embodied ache when you thought you knew what this was… but you’re not sure anymore. ⁣

Doubt is a failure of an inner image. The image of you being let in on all the secrets of everything, on being on the Team that has the script, of your future plans happening the way you thought they would…⁣

Friends… at least once a day I think “this is all just made up”… and it probably is. But I do know this… your doubt is not something you need to solve. The Divine will deal with it. What IS UP TO YOU is are you going to put your Sacred Doubting Finger into the wound you are presented with? ⁣

If you get a physical Jesus, please call me. I’d like to come over. But most of us are not going to get that. What we will get throughout our lives is a series of other wounds we must bring our unknowing to. ⁣

It usually starts with our own wounds. Because to bring your Sacred Doubting Finger to your own wounds is to ask the Divine “Are you involved in my life at all?” Then we will encounter the wounds of those we love, and ask “are You here too?” Friends, strangers, every wound in the world begs the same question…. IS NEWNESS POSSIBLE?⁣

Here are my wounds. Put your finger into them….⁣

(Reflection by Scott Erickson)