We've been using the stunning imagery created by Scott Erikson to work through "the Stations of the Cross" as we continue to journey together in reflection, liturgy and worship over the couple of weeks until Easter. Take some time to reflect on them, do a search on "The Stations", go to scottericksonart.com and at the very least, dig into the Gospel Narrative itself to get the back story on Christ's journey to the Cross and the Resurrection. This week we will be looking at Station Eight and Nine.

A common KVine expression is that we posture ourselves with "open hands." Sound quite "easy", but the reality is that we clinic our fists and "hang on" more than we often realize. These next two Stations of the Cross, eight being where Jesus is stripped and then nine where He is nailed to the cross show us this incredible capacity in Jesus. How do we respond in times that, for us, feel like what Jesus went through, even through our actual experience may not be at that level intensity. None the less it is real. And it hurts. In order to gain a deeper understanding of this open handedness, we'll be exploring the quality of "meekness."