Our Values -- Our Guide

As we grow together there are some key values that we see at the core of what guides us in all we do and the kind of community we want to be. In all that we do together our deeper desire is that we would become people who live out the values of:  


You will find multiple spaces and expressions of hospitality at KVine. This is not (simply) however, putting an emphasis on serving coffee and food in our gatherings for its own sake; we see hospitality at the very foundation of the Judeo-Christian values system.   It is about making space for others. For embracing. Finding a table set before us, even in the “presence of our enemies” as Psalm 23 articulates. At its very heart is the table that Jesus himself sets and is reflected in the Eucharist.   You’ll probably find a table in most of the settings that you join with people from KVine. Come and walk with us. Come and dine with us.


We want to be a generous community. We use the image a lot of that of having “open hands.” We don’t want to cling onto things. Nor to cling onto each other in unhealthy ways. We want to let go of the need to have self at the centre of all we do and are becoming.   We see life in following Jesus as one that is liberated and generous. You can be the wealthiest person among us and give significant amounts of resource and still not be generous. You can hardly have anything of material wealth and not be generous. Generosity is a posture and a disposition of the heart that is magnanimous towards others regardless of physical or material possessions.   We want generosity to pulse underneath all that we do together as a community.  


At the core of what it means to flourish is the quality of creativity. This is a high value for us at KVine and you will see it impacting everything we do. From the setting up of our gathering space, to the presentation of food, to the way that we engage in community both within our relationships and in how we relate to the city and culture around us, we want creativity and innovation to mark us.   The arts are key in this whole exploration to be sure. You will experience and see an artistic reach in all we do. However, we do not see creativity as something only relegated to those who shine in the disciplines of the arts. We all have this spark. This potential.   We do not believe that all this creative energy and life is to be contained within the faith community. We want to be a haven for artists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are excelling in the society and culture.   So, we value and encourage out of the box thinking. Fresh ideas. A community that is shaped and sustained by breaking free of the fear of “we’ve never done it that way before.”  


Most of ay organizational structures in our society are sustained by what people give. Particularly those that have a high reliance on volunteerism. We most certainly see that type of giving, and particularly that of sacrificial giving, as something to be deeply appreciated and not taken for granted. Giving at all levels is key, particularly in a non-profit and faith-based community.   But much like a huge financial donation does not necessarily denote generosity depending on the source, so to giving can actual inoculate us to what we would see as an even deeper value at KVine, that of sharing.   Giving and sharing are different. They may end up looking the same, but the source and impact can be quite different. Giving can be done from a distance, whether emotionally or even physically, “I gave at the office” for example. Sharing cannot be done without being up close. It cannot sustain outside of community. Leaning into the analogy of open handedness once again, sharing is the capacity to not only let go of our stuff, but the ability to allow others to use what you have at the same time and to also receive from another, especially someone who may not have as much as you appear to.   We want to create a communal culture that moves from that of giving to sharing; that is as comfortable being the host as that of being hosted; and a willingness to leave the seat of power to take up the towel of a servant.  


As those who follow Jesus we are called by Christ to seek first Gods kingdom and the expression of His justice on the earth.   Stepping out of the arena of politic and religion, we see justice defined as that of setting things right. As we embrace the understanding of social justice we see at its core a perspective that does not have “human rights” alone at its core, but rather that of all things coming in alignment with the Kingdom of God. We are not activist’s as much as we are worshippers. We see mercy as the source of justice, where in this most disarming and upside-down kingdom, there is hope for the oppressor as well as the oppressed.   We cannot take our following of Jesus and the worship it evokes seriously and ignore the issues of justice in our world. This takes us to a holistic understanding of creation as well. It is what anchors healing at the centre of who we are to be as Gods people here on earth.  

As a core value for us, this not only translates into the activities of justice as we engage with the poor and advocate for the marginalized in society, but must impact who we are as a community. We lay down power. We lay down the need for title and position to shape us. We want to be a community that fully celebrates and cultivates the wide scope of gifting, leadership and entrepreneurship that the Spirit of God releases, and yet remains anchored to the heart of servanthood and respecting even the quietest and smallest voice among us.  This impacts the way we lead. The way we minister to one another. The way we pray. The way we love.