Kelowna Vineyard

Kelowna Vineyard Community Gathering 

“Come and follow Me.”  Jesus extends his first invitation to ordinary people to come close to him, walk with him, to learn from him.  The invitation is still for us today.  It’s a mighty challenge to the spirit of this age which competes on multiple levels for us to ‘follow’ something or someone.  The heart of Jesus was to build a community of people who, have heard that gracious invitation, say ‘yes’, and begin to live their lives the Jesus way.

Saying yes to the Jesus way automatically puts us at odds with the values of our culture.  To follow Jesus means living counter-culturally with values that come from his culture, a culture the bible calls the Kingdom of God.  It’s a realm where, as we make God our King, we seek his wisdom, his guidance, and his rule in all areas of our lives.  And we seek to eagerly obey, not from compulsion or fear, but because we know his ways are the very best for us.   We are a people who have ‘tasted and seen that the Lord is good!” and we’d love to share our journey with you!

Every other week: Our community meets on alternate Sunday mornings @ 10:30 a.m. at the Creators Arts Centre at 201-2333 Hunter Road.


There are other gatherings going on as well. Our calendar will show you the pattern of “on” and “off” Sundays. The information can be found here on our web site, on our Facebook page or by subscribing to our email list.